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The Zombies - Odessey And Oracle (Vinyl)
Rodriguez - Cold Fact (New Vinyl)
Kikagaku Moyo - Masana Temples (New Vinyl)
Cream - Disraeli Gears (New Vinyl)
Haruomi Hosono - Hosono House (New Vinyl)
Osees (Thee Oh Sees) - Panther Rotate (New Vinyl)
Can - Ege Bamyasi (New Vinyl)
Rodriguez - Coming From Reality (New Vinyl)
Neu! - Neu! '75 (New Vinyl)
Harmonia - Musik Von Harmonia (New Vinyl)
Garland Records - Pacific Northwest Fuzz Box (New Vinyl)
Neu! - Neu! (New Vinyl)
Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets (New Vinyl)
Harumi - Harumi (New Vinyl)
Alexander Spence - Oar (Rm) (180g) (New Vinyl)
Can - Tago Mago (Ltd/Indie/Orange) (New Vinyl)
Brainticket - Psychonaut (New Vinyl)
Haunted - Haunted (New Vinyl)
Brainticket - Cottonwoodhill (New Vinyl)
Akiko Yano - Japanese Girl (New Vinyl)
Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers (New Vinyl)
Sonics - Boom (New Vinyl)
Can - Singles (NEW CD)
Goblin - Suspiria (New Vinyl)
Sonics - Here Are The (New Vinyl)
Various Artists - Psych Funk 101 (New Vinyl)
Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die (New Vinyl)
Electric Prunes - Electric Prunes (50th Ann.) (New Vinyl)
Love - Love 50th Anniversary Mono (New Vinyl)
Agitation Free - Malesch (New Vinyl)
Love - Da Capo (180g) (New Vinyl)
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense And Peppermints (New Vinyl)
Ca Quintet - Trip Thru Hell (New Vinyl)
Ultimate Spinach - Ultimate Spinach (Colour) (New Vinyl)
Creation - Action Painting (New Vinyl)

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