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Metallica - Death Magnetic (New Vinyl)
Motorhead - Iron Fist (New Vinyl)
Sepultura - Arise (Expanded/180G) (New Vinyl)
Slayer - South Of Heaven (Advisory) (New Vinyl)
Tesseract - Sonder (New CD)
Mayhem - Daemon (New Vinyl)
Behemoth  - Grom (New Vinyl)
Nocturnal Graves  - Titan (Ltd/Gf) (New Vinyl)
Pallbearer  - Fear And Fury Ep (New Vinyl)
Pentagram  - Day Of Reckoning (New Vinyl)
Leviathan  - Scar Sighted (New CD)
Baroness  - Blue Record (New CD)
Watain  - Trident Wolf Eclipse (New CD)
Lacuna Coil  - Black Anima (New CD)
Wolves In The Throne Room  - Two Hunters (New CD)
Sunn  - Monoliths And Dimensions (New CD)
Quiet Riot  - Hollywood Cowboys (New CD)
Ghost B.C.  - If You Have Ghost (Ep) (New CD)
Megadeth  - Peace Sells...But Whos Buying? (New CD)
Anthrax  - State Of Euphoria (30Th Ann.) (New CD)
Kyuss  - And The Circus Leaves Town (New CD)
Melvins  - Stoner Witch (New CD)
Morbid Angel  - Convenant (New CD)
Sepultura  - Chaos A.D. (New CD)
Deftones  - Saturday Night Wrist (New CD)
Zakk Wylde - Pride And Glory (New CD)
Baroness  - Gold & Grey (New CD)
Apocalyptica  - Cell-O (New CD)
My Dying Bride - Ghost Of Orion (New CD)
Amenra - Mass Vi (New Vinyl)

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