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This Heat - Made Available (New Vinyl)
Pelt - Pearls From The River (New Vinyl)
G.I. Gurdjieff - Improvisations (New Vinyl)
Julius Eastman - Evil N*Gger (New Vinyl)
Tim Hecker - Konoyo (New Vinyl)
Terry Riley - Songs For The Ten Voices Of (New Vinyl)
Oren Ambarchi - Simian Angel (New Vinyl)
Mike Cooper - Rayon Hula (New Vinyl)
Michael Oshea - Michael Oshea (New Vinyl)
Vatican Shadow - Kneel Before Religious Icons (New Vinyl)
Jon Hassell - Dream Theory In Malaya (New Vinyl)
Julius Eastman - Crazy N*Gger (New Vinyl)
Robert Ashley - Automatic Writing (New Vinyl)
Throbbing Gristle - Taste Of Tg (A Beginn...Lp (New Vinyl)
Throbbing Gristle - A Souvenir Of Camber Sands (New Vinyl)
Chris And Cosey - Exotika (Ltd Ed) (New Vinyl)
Bruno Spoerri - Voice Of Taurus (New Vinyl)
Midori Takada - Through The Looking Glass (New Vinyl)
Bing & Ruth - No Home Of The Mind (New Vinyl)
Ooioo - Nijimusi (New Vinyl)
$41.99 CAD
Ooioo - Nijimusi (New Vinyl) Sold out
Jun Fukamachi - Nicole (New Vinyl)
Mkwaju Ensemble (Midori Takada) - Ki-Motion (New Vinyl)
Ooioo - Gold & Green (New Vinyl)
Johann Johannsson - Fordlandia (Ltd/Import) (New Vinyl)
Garrett - Private Life Ii (New Vinyl)
Kiasmos - Kiasmos (New Vinyl)
$36.99 CAD
Kiasmos - Kiasmos (New Vinyl) In stock
Woo - Whichever Way You Are Going (New Vinyl)
Masahiro Sugaya - V1 Horizon (New Vinyl)
Jacky Giordano - Timing Archives (New Vinyl)
V/A - Background Music Library V1 (New Vinyl)
Eliane Radigue - Vice Versa (New Vinyl)
Prurient - Unknowns (New Vinyl)
Suzanne Ciani - Lixiviation - Ciani/Musica Inc (New Vinyl)
Steve Reich - Information Transmission Noise (New Vinyl)
Intersystems - Free Psychedelic Poster Inside (New Vinyl)
Peaking Lights - Fifth State Of Consciousness (New Vinyl)
Manuel Gottsching - E2-E4 - 2016 - 35th Anniversar (New Vinyl)
John Cage - Complete Song Books (New Vinyl)
Dinosaur L - 24-> 24 Music (New Vinyl)
Arp - Zebra (New Vinyl)
$36.99 CAD
Arp - Zebra (New Vinyl) In stock
Chris And Cosey - Trance (Ltd Ed) (New Vinyl)
Rafael Toral - Sound Mind Sound Body (New Vinyl)
Chris And Cosey - Songs Of Love And Lust (Ltd Ed) (New Vinyl)
Pulled By Magnets - Rose Golden Doorways (New Vinyl)
Tim Hecker - Ravedeath 1972 (New Vinyl)
Bbc - Radiophonic Workshop (New Vinyl)

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