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Frank Hatchett - Body Shots (New Vinyl)
Container  - Scramblers (New Vinyl)
Nazar  - Guerrilla (New Vinyl)
$32.99 CAD
Nazar - Guerrilla (New Vinyl) In stock
Flamingo Pier  - Indigo Ep (New Vinyl)
Shanti Celeste - Tangerine (New Vinyl)
Vladislav Delay  - Multila (New Vinyl)
Goldmund  - Occasus (New Vinyl)
$24.99 CAD
Goldmund - Occasus (New Vinyl) In stock
Austra  - Hirudin (New Vinyl)
$26.99 CAD
Austra - Hirudin (New Vinyl) In stock
Fennesz  - Agora (New Vinyl)
$29.99 CAD
Fennesz - Agora (New Vinyl) In stock
Kode9/Burial - Fabriclive 100 : Kode9 And Burial (New Vinyl)
Justice - Woman (New Vinyl)
$36.99 CAD
Justice - Woman (New Vinyl) In stock
Tim Hecker - Virgins (US Version) (New Vinyl)
Bonobo - Fabric Presents Bonobo (New Vinyl)
Taylor Mcferrin - Early Riser (New Vinyl)
Little Dragon - New Me Same Us (Indie/Color) (New Vinyl)
Justice - Audio Video Disco (New Vinyl)
Mura Masa - R.Y.C. (Red) (New Vinyl)
DJ Shadow - Mountain Will Fall (New Vinyl)
Chemical Brothers - Surrender (New Vinyl)
Modeselektor - Who Else (New Vinyl)
Zomby - Where Were U In 92! (New Vinyl)
Deathprod - Occulting Disk (New Vinyl)
DJ Nate - Take Off Mode (New Vinyl)
Nvzb - Magic Circle (New Vinyl)
Tess Roby - Beacon (New Vinyl)
$26.99 CAD
Tess Roby - Beacon (New Vinyl) In stock
Forest Swords - Compassion (New Vinyl)
Ratatat - Ratatat (New Vinyl)
$26.99 CAD
Ratatat - Ratatat (New Vinyl) Sold out
Kavinsky - Outrun (New Vinyl)
$26.99 CAD
Kavinsky - Outrun (New Vinyl) Sold out
Crystal Castles - III (New Vinyl)
Cares - Control Isn'T Real (New Vinyl)
Balmonts - Balmonts (New Vinyl)
C Samms - Synthetic Properties (New Vinyl)
Laurel Halo - Quarantine (New Vinyl)
Lost Girls - Feeling (New Vinyl)
Daniel Avery - Slow Fade Remix Ep (New Vinyl)
Demuir - An Artist Thinketh Ep (New Vinyl)
Classixx - Faraway Reach (New Vinyl)
Leon Vynehall - I Cavallo (12 In./Stickers) (New Vinyl)
Meo - Cikuana/Alturas 12 In. (New Vinyl)
Boards of Canada - Peel Session (12 In.) (New Vinyl)
Processor - Seaside (New Vinyl)
Jamn Ensemble - Amplitude (New Vinyl)
Nml Vgtbl Mnrl - Tuscarora (New Vinyl)
Teme Tan - Teme Tan (New Vinyl)
Galcher Lustwerk - Information (Black Vinyl) (New Vinyl)

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